Most businesses invest large sums of money in driving traffic to their website, but fail to deliver positive financial returns.

They don’t have a defined online advertising and marketing strategy in place, neglect analytics, conversion, economics and optimisation.

Debating around the boardroom table, they make reckless decisions regarding their website, online advertising and marketing, backed by nothing more than gut feel.

This is called blind marketing; it’s a costly guessing game.

The more money you spend on online advertising and marketing, the greater the requirement to measure, analyse, report on and optimise financial performance.

Sending traffic to your website hoping for the best isn’t enough; efficiently turning visitors into leads and sales is where your money is made.

You need to track your spend, calculate the profitability of your campaigns and base decisions on solid data to optimise performance for the best possible financial returns.

Optiflow was started to assist businesses in becoming more tracking and conversion oriented, aiming to maximise your financial returns through a structured and strategic optimisation process.

Do you sit around the boardroom table playing the guessing game?

It’s time to put an end to those heated boardroom debates, evolve your online advertising and marketing beyond blind marketing and…